Range Works

Just as the name implies the range section of your portfolio should show your breadth and range as an artist. This is the place to explore a wide range of materials, techniques and processes, along with diverse subject matter. The works in this section should show… more

Personal Series

Undoubtedly there is no other aspect of your college application that is as critical, challenging and ultimately rewarding as creating your personal series as part of your portfolio. Unlike the range section of your portfolio, which is often teacher-directed and shows your range of artistic abilities, your personal series demonstrates your ability to… more


Unlike your portfolio, which usually includes more finished or resolved works; a sketchbook demonstrates your process. More and more schools are requesting sketchbooks as part of the visual component of the application, and with good reason… more

Idea Generation

Your sketchbook is the ideal place to keep a record of your ideas. Rapid techniques of idea generation are referred to by several names including brainstorming, webbing and mind mapping. Below you will find a few examples of… more