Unlike your portfolio, which usually includes more finished or resolved works; a sketchbook demonstrates your process. More and more schools are requesting sketchbooks as part of the visual component of the application, and with good reason. Your sketchbook should show evidence of the depth and range of your thinking, project research (visuals and text), idea development, thumbnail sketches and compositional planning, brainstorming, media experimentation, things that inspire you, written reflections and critiques, along with a record of your daily activities through quick drawings and other studies.

Don’t underestimate the value of a great sketchbook! Some of my past students have been accepted to schools on the basis of their sketchbooks alone as they demonstrated all the qualities or aspects that the schools sought in their applicants. You can show a great deal of creativity, innovation and character in this personal working space so use it well.

Below is a gallery of assorted sketchbook pages that show various aspects of an effective, process rich sketchbook.