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Hello and welcome to the introduction to The Wonderful World of Wax:  Encaustics 101. For those of you that don’t know me I’m Nancy Crawford. Having been an artist and educator for all of my adult life, I found my voice with the encaustic medium about 5 years ago. I love its ability to obscure and reveal and the way in which it plays nicely with many other media including assorted drawings materials, watercolour paint, many printmaking processes, photography, oil paint, collage and more.
I created this program for those people who want to get started in encaustics, whether they have experience in other art forms or are just starting to explore their creative side. I will start with the basics including:

  • how to set up an encaustic studio
  • health and safety concerns
  • selection and preparation of substrates
  • edge prep and how to protect them
  • the creation of a “Practice Pot” to learn how to fuse well
  • and the application and fusing of multiple layers of wax – the core skills of any encaustic project.



Throughout the videos I will make reference to several design elements, compositional concepts and terms that you will find in the printable glossary. Thinking about these early and often will make the difference between student and advanced work.

As you carry on through the video content of this program you will find lessons on:

  • using a sketchbook as part of your creative process
  • thumbnail sketches and their purpose
  • a lesson on the impact of formats and shape symbolism
  • conceptual development – thinking about the ideas of your work
  • applying colour fields in wax
  • creating texture
  • Using masking techniques for assorted purposes
  • applying metal leaf
  • the varied effects of an oil rub
  • and ways to hang and display your works



By the end of the program you will have a solid grounding in these processes and will be on your way to developing your voice as an encaustic artist.


In addition to the videos and resources listed above we will also include:

  • a printable PDF that shows all the tools, materials and supplies you may want to set up your encaustic studio and complete this program.
  • A special feature called “Problem Children” where I attempt to resolve a piece that has remained unfinished as I wasn’t sure how to proceed.
  • Finally, we will include a Where to From Here? feature for you to consider your next creative moves.